Gurkha 'His Majesty's Reserve' Churchill (7.5" x 52) Single

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SKU: GGA-PM-1001
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By using the world’s finest and rarest premium tobaccos, and rolling them in a dazzling array of unique and exciting blends, Gurkha cigars have built a solid reputation of being considered one of the worlds most luxurious brands. They also have the distinction of crafting the Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve, a 7.5 x 52 Churchill sized vitola considered the most expensive cigar in the entire world!

Like many other handmade premium cigars, His Majesty’s Reserve starts with a blend of top-quality Dominican binder and long filler tobaccos. However, this is where things start getting interesting because this classic Dominican blend is topped off with a 15-year-old, dark, oily  Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Then,  every cigar undergoes a unique infusion process that involves an entire bottle of Louis XIII Cognac –  the Holy Grail of premium whiskey.  Lastly, these regal cigars are placed in glass tubes with melted candle wax at the bottom for that extra touch of extravagance.  This one-of-a-kind infusion process is unique in that it does not take away from the rich tobacco flavors of the perfectly aged leaves, but rather complements them in a majestic fashion that’s fit for a king!

Fewer than 100 boxes of HMR are produced every year, and considering that only handful of smokers can actually afford them, we usually have a few singles lying around to appeal the rich and famous, or maybe that lucky someone that just won the lottery and is looking for the ultimate luxury cigar to celebrate with.